Trauma Recovery

2162161347Something feels off!

You can’t identify what it is, but you know how it feels.

There is a deep-down physical discomfort like you want to get out of your skin. You feel empty and depleted one minute, overwhelmed and panicky the next.

You frequently find yourself overeating, drinking too much more often than you like to admit, and engaging in relationships that are not healthy.

And you wonder, “What is wrong with me?”

It’s negatively impacting your life.

Minor things set you off – a car cuts in front of you, and you can’t let go of the out-of-proportion anger toward the person who cut you off; it is scary and intense.

A friend cancels a coffee date, and you feel extreme rejection from your friend, and feelings of worthlessness lead you to thoughts such as “They hate me; I am boring and a loser.”

And because these common, minor occurrences feel insurmountable, you avoid going anywhere and isolate yourself from friends and family.

Your world has become smaller and lonelier!

2218320067Reclaim your life by healing your trauma.

Let’s talk about your life and experiences. You might be surprised to realize that many things you have dealt with in the past have negatively impacted you. Those unsettling feelings and behaviors you are experiencing are the results of trauma.

Or you may be someone who knows that they have experienced some messed-up situations, such as bullying, being cared for by unreliable parents, being in an intense accident, or having to deal with a severe illness. Yet, you didn’t realize the scope of how intensely it affected your life.

Take back your life!

First, we will develop coping skills to help you function right now.

Then, we will explore different healing techniques to find the right fit for you. I have training in Trauma- Informed CBT, Narrative Trauma Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These therapeutic approaches can help address trauma.

You can gain confidence, agency, and empowerment over your life.

Contact me now to begin this healing journey!