Depression and Anxiety

1112985533Depression makes your body feel so heavy.

The thought of doing anything seems impossible; getting out of bed, going to work, and conversing with colleagues sound exhausting. You don’t have the energy.

Even the thought of doing something fun, the things you used to enjoy, like going out with friends, sounds like too much work. And you think, “They don’t even want me around anyways; I am too much of a burden.”

Your self-talk has become very dark and debilitating. “I am such a failure; why do I bother trying? Everyone else has it all figured out.”

Feeling happy again is hard to imagine.

The last time you smiled or felt joy is hard to remember. And you wonder, “What is happening to me?”

You’ve tried to “snap out of it” by reading self-help books about finding happiness, doing the recommended exercise, and forcing yourself to be around family and friends, but this only makes you feel worse because it feels like you are not “doing it right.”

These feelings lead to worry about your future, “Will I ever feel love? Why is it so hard? Is there any hope for me?”

1112985533Your depression turns toward anxiety!

This constant worrying is when your sadness and fears merge again, and your anxiety increases to a new level.

The internal depression-anxiety dance begins again. You worry about everything, large and small, including how you said “thank you” to a friend, the look the stranger gave you, your promotion potential at work, and your future in general.

Worrying makes you feel restless, irritable, and unable to sleep or concentrate.

This depression and anxiety can’t go on any longer!

I can help you feel like YOU again.

Whether you are in the midst of depression or anxiety, I can help you get to the core of your sadness and worry.

We will explore your life experience and discover the thoughts and feelings that have led you to misery.

With this newfound awareness, you will learn to trust yourself and transform your worrying and despair into empowerment, confidence, and joy.

You deserve to start feeling alive again. Contact me now for a free consultation to get started.