Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

1403634038The painful memories and avoidance cannot go on.

You have experienced a disturbing ordeal and keep replaying it in your head. It seems as if nausea and shaking come out of nowhere, and you stay on guard, waiting for something terrible to happen again.

The memory of that traumatic experience stays with you 24/7, and you feel like you are losing your mind and cannot control your body or emotions.

Extreme emotions and spontaneous panic attacks are disrupting your life in critical ways. Maintaining positive relationships is a constant struggle, and your work suffers.

Thoughts of that experience are emotionally and physically exhausting – making it difficult to sleep and creating anxiety and depression.

You’ve tried everything.

You have gone to talk therapy before, and it didn’t help because you got too activated. You’ve tried to read the books, but they’re too triggering.

Self-medicating doesn’t work; it only makes things worse.

Following the traditional self-help guidelines, eating correctly, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising regularly, don’t work. It is hard to follow through with a routine.

You wonder, “What is wrong with me? “You never felt this way before until it happened.

1038102904EMDR can help you heal from your traumatic experience.

With its research-proven effectiveness, EMDR focuses on the core belief about yourself and the incident.

Because EMDR has a whole-person approach to healing from trauma, you will experience a healing transformation of your mind, body, and sense of self.

You will work through the traumatic experience within a protective and supportive methodology without re-experiencing all the details of the traumatic event.

EMDR will help you reprocess that trauma, allowing you to live without looking backward.

Recover your life.

The time is now to begin living your life as you deserve, in control of your body and mind and feeling alive and engaged in the world.

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