Couples Therapy

603404963You wonder, “How did we get here?”

Things haven’t been the same in a long time. You both used to want to spend all your time together, laughing and sharing your hopes and dreams. Now, when you’re in the same room, it feels like both of you would rather be elsewhere.

Fighting breaks out about minor things, such as leaving the dishes in the sink, saying something wrong when out with friends, or forgetting to buy milk.

The fights are getting out of control, resulting in yelling, belittling, and slamming doors. And the hurt feelings fester into resentment.

Thinking about not being together feels sad and scary, but this current state of the relationship feels lonelier than before you met. The two of you can’t go on like this any longer!

Couples therapy can provide the guidance you need.

Through couples therapy, you can find a new path, one that leads to the relationship you want.

Therapy for couples is a safe space dedicated to you and your partner. As the therapist, I sometimes act as a moderator to help you feel heard by one another.

Other times, I may act as a teacher or leader in guiding you both to new ways of connecting. We will explore different modes of communication and negotiation to help de-escalate the fights. And you will discover more effective methods for dealing with conflict.

Our focus in couples work is on the relationship, not ONE partner being the worst, but how both of you can work together to create the relationship you want. We also will explore how the relationship derailed and set new goals for it to get back on track.

554623666Reconnect better than before.

The new communication methods will make you feel more connected and empowered in your relationship. Conflict will feel less destructive to the relationship and will become easier to resolve.

You will develop a deeper emotional connection to your partner by understanding your partner’s emotional needs, hopes, and aspirations.

When future challenges arise in your relationship, you will know how to support each other to make it through those events. The strength of your connection will lead to a healthier future together!

Contact me now to help you begin this revitalizing journey together.