Online Therapy

2184325275Many reasons keep you from therapy.

You always seem to run late. Sometimes it is hard to get away from work. The commute to your therapy appointments takes precious time away from the work you could be doing, and parking is a nightmare.

You get extra nervous thinking about going into a therapy office. “What will I wear? Where and how will I sit? What if I’m late?” are some anxious thoughts running through your mind.

Driving kids to and from school or caring for a sick spouse or relative takes up all your spare time – especially if you need to travel to a therapist’s office.

Fortunately, with virtual therapy sessions, you don’t have to worry about these concerns. You conveniently log in to our “meeting” on your computer or phone and find a comfortable, private location.

Is online therapy effective?

Yes, many studies have shown that virtual therapy sessions can be as effective as in-person sessions.

And for some, people even find them more effective because they are more easily accessible.

With virtual therapy, you pick the place where we meet.

1810290007Your sessions are confidential.

I take confidentially very seriously, and you can rest assured that I will do everything possible to maintain confidentiality.

On my end, I conduct all sessions in a private closed room. I also have a noise machine outside my door to create a sound barrier.

The technology I use for video sessions and storing your information is secure and protected with encryption and password authentication.

Is virtual therapy right for you?

Contact me now, and let’s set up a brief Zoom consultation so you can see how it works.