Break Free from Negative Emotional Patterns

Develop Clarity and Discover Your Inner Strength

Compassionate Psychotherapy for Women in California

You feel overwhelmed and out-of-control.

Lately, you’re on edge; it’s damaging your relationships, impairing work performance, and destroying your self-esteem.

You were excluded from a “get-together” that triggered a meltdown that blew up your friendship. The shame you feel is excruciating.

A colleague at work critiqued your plans again, and you exploded, causing a scene in front of your boss. You feel more embarrassed than ever.

You can’t seem to cope with your feelings. The negative self-talk is relentless, and you’re exhausted and confused, thinking, “What is happening to me?”

You can’t handle this alone anymore.

All the things that used to help, going out with friends and working out, are no longer cutting it.

You feel like you’re spiraling down and losing control of your life.

Struggling to care for your basic needs, you have nothing left for anyone else.

You feel like you’ve become a burden to everyone.

Harness your strengths and heal your wounds with therapy.

Therapy is a safe space to uncover and understand your emotions compassionately.

We’ll get to the core of your beliefs about yourself and how you developed them.

You’ll uncover how you developed your current relationship patterns by exploring your early relational experiences (with family, friends, and intimate partners).

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make choices about how you want to relate to others.

Discover your authentic self.

Using the strengths-based approach of CBT, you’ll develop practical coping skills to help you manage your big emotions.

Develop the resiliency to overcome challenges and enjoy doing the things you love.

Together, we’ll uncover your true self and allow that inner you to thrive.

Your life-changing journey starts here.

Don’t let unresolved emotions rule your life any longer.

Reconnect with your passion and purpose with the support of compassionate therapy.

Start your journey of self-discovery and start living the life you deserve.

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