Trauma Has Left You Feeling Broken and Alone

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You can’t handle living with the pain any longer.

You have gone through a horrible experience and can’t stop reliving it.

The more you fight the feelings and thoughts, the more out of control you feel.

The anger is overpowering, and you are blowing up at family and friends.

On the flip side, sometimes you feel empty and numb.

It is ruining your life.

You are no longer going out with friends and doing the things you used to love.

Your relationships are suffering, and you feel lonelier than ever.

Your life is falling apart right before your eyes.

You feel hopeless and helpless.

EMDR transforms your trauma.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) works by facilitating healthy brain interaction between the different areas of the brain.

The eye movement of EMDR prompts the communication between the brain’s logical thoughts, memories/emotions, and automatic bodily reaction areas.

EMDR opens the pathway to allow the brain’s natural healing mechanisms to get to work and heal where the pain is lodged.

When these areas are communicating and functioning properly, the healing transformation begins.

Within this whole process, you will work through the traumatic experience without having to re-visit all the details of the traumatic event.

Begin to feel alive again.

In addition to the whole-brain healing, you’ll develop practical coping skills to help you manage your distressing emotions.

You’ll develop the resiliency to overcome challenges in the future and enjoy doing the things you love.

You’ll experience a transformation of your mind, body, and sense of self.

Your healing journey begins now.

Don’t let that traumatic experience control your life any longer.

Heal those wounds and reengage in your life.

Start your healing transformation.

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